Wine trends in North America

Sélections Mondiales des Vins closely monitors fluctuating trends in the international wine market, particularly those that are attracting interest in North America.

By participating in the contest, producers have the opportunity to promote their wines and obtain a real-time portrait of the various North American wine markets.

In harmony with nature

It’s unanimous! Canadian and American consumers crave products that are increasingly in harmony with nature. Respect for the land, environmentally friendly cultivation methods for certain organic wines, biodynamic wines, vegan wines and natural wines are all part of this growing trend among North American consumers.


Another widespread trend is the notion of drinkability, a measure of how quickly a wine provides a feeling of pleasure. Wines that are too woody or structured are no longer in demand. Balance, freshness and adaptability are now at the top of the list. In addition, consumer sensitivity to sugar content is an undeniable trend.

Whether it’s for health, weight control or both, this characteristic is increasingly important in choosing a wine for many North American consumers.

White wines

Another trend is the growing popularity of white wines. More than a simple aperitif, white wines now have their place on the table.

Different types of international cuisine, including the myriad variations of Asian and Middle Eastern dishes, have created new and interesting flavor juxtapositions with many white wines, both varietal and blended, the latter being of increasingly popular with consumers.

Sparkling wines

Sparkling wines are also a strong trend in the North American market. Parties and meetings follow one another as opportunities to pop the cork and savor the moment.

The phenomenal success of Prosecco, Cava, Crémant and Sekt wines is a good example of a certain democratization of the prestige associated with celebrating an event with a bottle of bubbles.

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