2023 Edition

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The 2023 edition of Sélections Mondiales des Vins welcomed producers, traders and agents from 26 countries. More than 1,560 wines competed in different categories of the competition.

The judges worked meticulously throughout the event, applying the rules and criteria of the contest with rigor and impartiality to determine the winners.

Some interesting statistics about this 30th vintage of SMV 2023

  • In this edition, SMV once again stands out for the high quality of the wines presented by producers, with more than 28% of products scoring 89 points and higher for Gold and Grand Gold medals.

  • SMV takes pride in its Top 50, consisting of 50 Grand Gold medals with 93 points and above. It is important to note that the TOP 50 is predominantly composed of red wine and dry white wine. This is a unique situation worldwide!

  • Distribution of Gold medals by points:
    • 92 to 92.99 points: 10 medals
    • 91 to 92 points: 63 medals
    • 90 to 91 points: 122 medals
    • 89 to 90 points: 196 medals

  • The major wine-producing countries in Europe, including Spain, Portugal, France, and Italy, have performed exceptionally well, earning a total of 290 medals, which represents 59% of the medals awarded


  • Portugal leads the way with 88 medals,including 12 Grand Gold, making up 35% of the 249 Portuguese wines entered. These Grand Gold and Gold medals come from the regions of Tejo, Alentejo, Douro, Dão, Bairrada, Lisboa, and Setúbal.

  • Variety in the types of wines presented was also apparent, with wines produced using sustainable, organic, biodynamic, natural, or orange winemaking methods accounting for over 26% of the wines entered into the competition.

Some countries distinguish themselves by the ratio of wines presented to medals earned:

  • Portugal: 88 medals out of 249, 35% positive results;
  • Italy: 83 medals out of 215, 39% positive results;
  • France: 79 medals out of 321, 25% positive results;
  • Moldova: 33 medals out of 83, 40% positive results.
  • Spain: 40 medals out of 167, 25% positive results;
  • Canada: 27 medals out of 93, 29% positive results;
  • Argentina: 16 medals out of 55, 29% positive results;
  • Romania: 24 medals out of 54, 44% positive results.
  • Australia: 25 medals out of 53, 47% positive results.

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