Presentation of the competition

Consult important information relating to the Sélections Mondiales des Vins competition, as well as the highlights of the 2023 edition.

Respect for Vinification Methods

The wine world faces numerous challenges related to climate change. The “Tasting Climate Change” conference brings together leading international experts to share knowledge on climate issues and propose sustainable solutions. These are important issues that SMV wants to support by emphasizing respect for various vinification methods.

In 2023, over 30% of the wines entered in the competition came from organic, biodynamic, or natural vinification methods. Among these, over 40% were awarded a medal.

Fresh Red Wines, Wines of Pleasure

Fresh red wines are garnering increasing enthusiasm on the markets of Quebec and Ontario. With their light and fruity profile, these wines have become favorites among wine enthusiasts seeking refreshing and versatile options. This year, SMV will group them together to ensure a better assessment of their quality.

Non-alcoholic Wines: A New Offering in the International Market

SMV will provide additional visibility to non-alcoholic wines by creating a specialized jury tasked with evaluating the quality of this range of products, which attract an increasingly large and diverse clientele.

Sake Makes Its Debut in the Competition

Over time, sake has found an increasingly significant place in tasting competitions. In response to the growing popularity of this product stemming from a historic manufacturing method, SMV is now creating a dedicated category for it, providing it with new visibility across various markets in North America.

Winners - 2023 Edition

The 2023 edition of Sélections Mondiales des Vins welcomed producers, traders and agents from 26 countries. More than 1,560 wines competed in different categories of the competition.

The judges worked meticulously throughout the event, applying the competition rules and criteria with rigor and impartiality to determine the winners.

Tasting of the 2023 medal-winning wines

On October 25, at the ITHQ, the tasting of the medal-winning wines from the 2023 edition of Sélections Mondiales des Vins took place, as part of a discovery tasting event in the form of a wine fair.

It is therefore for a second consecutive year that we welcomed more than 175 professionals from the wine industry, the wine press, the restaurant industry, the SAQ, as well as members of A3 Québec, RASPIPAV and Tastet.

About Réal Wolfe

Réal Wolfe, wine expert, has extensive experience in the international wine industry. Holding a master’s degree in international administration, he has held several management positions for the marketing of wines on the Canadian market.

Trained in advanced tasting in Suze-la-Rousse, France, he played an important role in the development of the Sélections Mondiales des Vins competition and enabled the establishment of the Vinofed international competition grouping.

Since 2020, he has been the president and shareholder of the Sélections Mondiales des Vins competition, based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

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